Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, that is possible. While Selfie Stop works great alone, it is also compatible with all parental control products.

SelfieStop, detects and prevents full and partial nudity. However, our algorithm may detect certain types of clothing such as lingerie and underwear and classify them as nudity based on the amount of skin.

Yes, Selfie Stop works on Snapchat. Contrary to the general belief, pictures/videos on Snapchat can be saved and/or shared. For instance, taking a screenshot or recording the screen will allow the receiver to save the Snap on their device and then share it. Selfie stop prevents the child’s device from sending or uploading nude pictures or videos.

Essentially, no app is authorized to access another social media’s platform whether to publish or delete content.  SelfieStop monitors the child’s device using algorithms that allow it to detect activities such as uploading nude pictures or videos to the child’s device from social media platforms.  Since our algorithm detects nudity and instantly deletes such material, nudity is prevented from being uploaded and sent to any social media platforms.

Unlike other  Parental control apps which notifies the parent when a nude selfie is detected, SelfieStop works differently by preventing the nude picture or video from being taken & sent as well as uploaded by immediate deletion.

SelfieStop monitors your child’s device in order to detect nude selfies/videos that are attempted to be sent or uploaded. Therefore, any pictures attempted to be sent from any social media platform to your child’s device along with SMS and email are prevented from being uploaded on your child’s device. In addition, your child is unable to take any nude picture/video on their device to be shared on any social media platform.

We can safely state that we have a nudity detection rate close to 100%. It is plausible to assume that something could be missed, or that you may get an alert when nudity was not detected. However, these cases would be seldom, and in any event, this is where an engaged parent can choose to take over.

SelfieStop works on Android phones, and Tablets a 5 and up.

Yes, SelfieStop is a multi-platform app for Android users.

No, SelfieStop will not be enlisted as one of the apps on the child’s phone. It is entirely up to the parent whether they wish to disclose that information to their child or not. However, we encourage letting your child know about the app in order to make future discussions easier when nudity is detected.

GPS will be able to locate your child’s device as long as the device in question is connected to the internet.

Yes, SelfieStop does not require internet connectivity in order to detect nudity. However, internet connection is required for the parent to receive an alert via email once nudity has been detected and deleted.

All pictures/videos that were attempted to be taken or uploaded are instantly deleted within milliseconds and not stored on any servers.

Although SelfieStop continues to detect and immediately delete and notify the parent when nudity is detected, a comprehensive report containing how many safe and unsafe pictures/videos (together) were taken by each child, broken down by date.