The WORLD'S FIRST parental app that deletes nude pics/videos as soon as they're taken. Protection from predators & peer pressure.


Works on Android phones & tablets 5 and up.

Works on iOS and Android phones, tablets + Ipads

Why Choose SelfieStop ?

SelfieStop helps prevent Child SEXTORTION!  SelfieStop instantly deletes a nude picture/video as soon as it’s taken, so there’s no picture/video to be sent to a sexual predator attempting to deceive the child.

SelfieStop’s technology PREVENTS nude selfies/videos from being taken & sent as well as uploaded before devastating consequences can occur. 

The U.S. Department of Justice has called “sextortion” the most important and fastest–growing cyberthreat to children.

11.6 Million

In 2019 "Facebook removed 11.6 million pieces of content it deemed child nudity & sexual exploitation of children in three months"


"Sextortion cases are up 60% in the last five years." (F.B.I)


In the U.S 20% of teens report having sent nude or semi-nude photos and videos of themselves.


83% of sextortion cases involve social media manipulation & 71% of all sexortion victims are minors (Brookings Institution)

45 Minutes

"Kids can be groomed by online predators in less than 45 minutes (UK'S NSPCC)


78% of extortion victims are girls, with an average age of 15 (National Centre for Missing & Exploited Children)


In Canada 30% of teens admit they have sent a nude photo, and 40% of teens say they have received a nude photo.

25 000

The average person will take 25,000 selfies throughout their lifetime.

Why Choose SelfieStop?

Have peace of mind your child is better protected from a lifelong consequence with SelfieStop.

Stop the harm before it starts, with SelfieStop.

The Problem​
A photo/video that was meant to be kept private, can quickly be shared among peers and posted online at various locations for ever.

Criminal charges may result if your child receives an unwanted nude selfie/video of someone under the age of 18 as well as if the image/video is then sent to others.

Sextortion is forcing someone to do something, by blackmailing or threatening to publish naked pictures of them. Sextortion is the FBI's Largest Growing Threat. It is the most significantly growing threat to children, having more victims per offender than all child exploitation offences.

Apps such as Snapchat automatically delete videos/pictures after opened, so some kids believe they can send a nude pic with no consequences. However, a screen shot can still be taken, and the pic spread over the internet by the user.
The Reasons​
Kids are pressured or encouraged to take and share a nude selfie/video.

Nude Selfies have been used to brag about a relationship or shared online out of anger when a relationship has ended.

Nude selfies/videos have been sent as a joke, dare, flirting or pressure from boyfriend/girlfriend to show commitment.

The frontal lobe, the impulse control and decision-making part of a teenager’s brain is not fully developed until their early twenties. Kids do not understand the permanent and future consequences of sending a nude selfie/video.
The Solution​
SelfieStop is the ONLY app that prevents & protects your children from sending & uploading nude selfies/videos.

Once nudity is detected and prevented, an immediate alert will be sent to the parent by email. Parents then have an option to track the location of the child’s device.


Deleted material, means deleted!  It’s not seen by anyone, or stored on any servers by SelfieStop. It’s deleted!

Even a one-time quick spontaneous act from online peer pressure can result in lifelong consequences for your child such as sextortion, compromise future relationships, affect college admissions, cause bullying, affect future employment, low self esteem, depression and, even result in suicide.

Safer Selfies, Safer Kids!
Prevention Is Our Business.

24/7 monitoring of your child’s device while preventing nude pictures/videos from being taken & sent from their device to SMS, Email, SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pinterest and more while also preventing nude pictures/videos from being uploaded from those platforms to their device.

Less than the cost of one cup of coffee a month per device for your child's safety/security and your peace of mind



Detects nude pictures/videos that were attempted to be taken & sent as well as uploaded.


SelfieStop’s powerful algorithm instantly deletes nude pictures/videos that where attempted to be taken & sent as well as uploaded on your child’s device.


Parents are alerted immediately via email when a nude picture/video was attempted to be taken & sent as well uploaded.

Less than the cost of one cup of coffee  a month per device for your child’s safety/security and your peace of mind.

Prevent The Harm Before It Starts.


Protecting Children While Giving Parents Back Their Peace Of Mind.

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